JLD Tax Resolution Group is led by Partners Jonathan Donenfeld and Carmela Walrond.Our team consists of CPAs, Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents.  We maintain an A+ Rating with the BBB and 5 Star Rating with Google Reviews.
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When it comes to tax problems, ignoring them is the worst thing you can do. The IRS doesn't go away – instead, your problems just get bigger. Contacting JLD Tax Resolution Group now is your first step towards freedom.

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    Our Recent Client Results




    Amount Owed

    Amount Paid


    Nayde R North Bergen NJ  $     118,498.00  $         3,609.00  $  114,889.00
    Jerry C Little Falls NJ  $     172,302.00  $       15,000.00  $  157,302.00
    Karen Newark NJ  $        59,781.00  $       10,250.00  $    49,531.00
    Grayson B Jersey City NJ  $        39,964.00  $         2,296.00  $    37,668.00
    Wendell L Jersey City NJ  $     126,409.00  $                      –  $  126,409.00
    John H River Vale NJ  $        85,000.00  $             286.00  $    84,714.00
    Wasif M Jersey City NJ  $     291,316.00  $       77,838.00  $  213,478.00
    Calindraa S Bronx NY  $        60,000.00  $             500.00  $    59,500.00
    Hubert S Manhattan NY  $     120,000.00  $         5,400.00  $  114,600.00
    Edward S Brooklyn NY  $     275,000.00  $         2,375.00  $  272,625.00

    We Can Help You with

    • IRS Tax Representation
    • Wage Garnishments
    • Bank Levies
    • Tax Liens
    • Revenue Officers

    • Unfiled Tax Returns
    • Payroll Tax Problems
    • Offer In Compromise
    • Payment Plans
    • Audit Defense

    You’ll Be Glad You Chose JLD Tax Resolution GroupHere’s Why…

    ExperienceWe only employ experienced Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents to manage your case.  Our experts spend theirs days negotiating with the IRS and have done six and seven figure settlements, so no case is too challenging.

    Honesty, Trust, ResultsAn A+ rating with the BBB, an untarnished reputation, and satisfied customers are some of our rewards for always putting the interest of our clients first.

    UrgencyWe will contact the IRS within 24 hours of you becoming a client.

    Back-Tax ExpertsUnlike your local Tax Service, our licensed Tax Accountants are up to speed on tax law for multiple years and prepare thousands of prior year tax returns each year.

    TenacityWe won’t take “No” for an answer and will fight for you to the full extent of your taxpayer rights

    Why Clients Choose JLD Tax Resolution
    Forget your tax burdens.

    (We’ll take care of it)

    No stress.

    We understand that working with the IRS, New Jersey or New York can be a time consuming and stressful process. Our goal is to not only achieve the best possible result, but also reduce your stress by having JLD speak with the tax agencies for you.

    No questions.

    For most people, dealing with their tax issues means dealing with the unknown. At JLD Tax Resolution, we do our best to eliminate your questions by keeping you informed all along the way and making sure you know how we’re fighting for you.

    Just relief.

    JLD Tax Resolution has more than a decade of experience helping people who are overwhelmed by their tax debt and struggling to deal with the IRS. With an expert like JLD on your side, you can experience full tax relief sooner than you think!

    Why Our Clients Love Us