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We’re a New Jersey based firm dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve their tax issues and find the freedom they deserve.

JLD Tax Resolution, New Jersey guides you through the process of resolving your tax debt, taking over all communication with the IRS or the state and finding the best possible outcome for your situation. Let our experienced team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs and IRS certified Enrolled Agents take the burden off your shoulders.

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Forget your tax burdens.

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We understand that working with the IRS, New Jersey or New York can be a time consuming and stressful process. Our goal is to not only achieve the best possible result, but also reduce your stress by having JLD speak with the tax agencies for you.

No questions.

For most people, dealing with their tax issues means dealing with the unknown. At JLD Tax Resolution, we do our best to eliminate your questions by keeping you informed all along the way and making sure you know how we're fighting for you.

Just relief.

JLD Tax Resolution, New Jersey has more than a decade of experience helping people who are overwhelmed by their tax debt and struggling to deal with the IRS. With an expert like JLD on your side, you can experience full tax relief sooner than you think!

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Stop waiting for your tax trouble to solve itself – it never will.

Tax issues don’t go away unless you take the first step. Reduce your stress and anxiety by letting us handle it all for you. All you have to do is give us a call – we’re ready to listen.

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An Offer in Compromise is an out-of-court agreement that gives you an opportunity to negotiate your tax debt. You have the chance to pay your debt in a smaller amount compared to what you originally owed.
Voluntarily filing your delinquent returns will save you a whole lot of trouble with the IRS. We can help you avoid more horrific problems on top of paying interest and penalties.
An IRS audit is the calculation of all of your tax debt, including all penalties and interest you owe. We can be your legal representative during the entire audit process.
IRS Payment Plans, or an Installment Agreement, gives you the freedom to slowly pay back your debt. You can negotiate a reasonable monthly payment that would be automatically deducted from your account on a set schedule.
An IRS Wage Garnishment is when the IRS starts to withhold up to 75% of your pay until your debt is paid off. The best way to resolve this is through a wage garnishment release that we can negotiate with the IRS for you.
A tax lien allows the government to lay legal claim on your assets and property if you don’t pay your tax debt. The best way to get rid of a federal tax lien is to pay your debt in full. It’s a stressful process that we can handle for you.
Payroll Taxes or 941 taxes are when funds are held back from an employee and not transmitted to the IRS. This is considered a form of stealing by the IRS and heavily penalized. Save yourself and your employees from having to deal with this and get help today.

If your spouse doesn’t report all their income on your tax return or if your spouse makes errors that result in you not paying enough tax, you are both equally responsible for the unpaid tax. But if you only owe that tax because of errors made by your spouse and you did not know that the information on your federal tax return was inaccurate, innocent spouse relief can protect you from having to pay your spouse’s tax.

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